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Coates Ranch


The Coates Ranch is located in the southeast corner of Kinney County, nestled amid the FishTravel. The ranch is composed of open sagebrush plateaus, deep whitebrush canyons, large Klein grass fields with oak motts and thick blackbrush flats.

The ranch combines the beauty of the Hill Country, the rugged elevations of West Texas and the dense cover of South Texas: regions of Texas which all come together here to create a truly unique environment.



While the Coates Ranch is under signed lease contract for the 2004 season and beyond, we have decided to book a few package hunts this 2003 season. This year will be the ONLY year we will package hunt the ranch. We have the entire ranch under signed contract for an extended period of time, beginning in 2004.

You have seen outfitters that charge hunt fees, kill fees, trophy fees, dress fees, lodge fees, even guide fees; usually these fees are cumulative. Under these types of pricing scenarios, a hunter can often pay $7,000.00 to $10,000.00 for a true trophy buck.

We are not outfitters. This is the real deal! We don't want to burden hunters with hidden costs. A package hunt at the Coates Ranch is simple and straight-forward.

$2,500.00 non-refundable deposit required to hold your weekend.
$2,500.00 cash balance required when you arrive.
$5,000.00 total cost

If you wound a deer, that's your deer. We will help you trail him, but you don't get another shot if you don't find him. We encourage you to practice at the range.

If you kill before Sunday afternoon, you may also take one of the following from a blind, at no extra cost: (But you must kill your buck first...)

    turkey  hog   javelina  coyote  bobcat  mountain lion  porcupine  fox  raccoon

We do all of the cooking. If you have a particular wish for meals or beverages, just let us know ahead of time; we will try to make you most comfortable. Alcoholic beverages are not provided by us. There is a store 15 miles to the West.
We will send you an info packet upon receipt of deposit, including maps, what to bring, weather conditions, hunting license info, etc.

Call now to arrange reserving your weekend at the Coates Ranch. This hunt will not exist next year. Don't let this opportunity to take a monster Whitetail slip by you.



Call or email me today to book your exciting hunting adventure!!

(972) 923-6766 or (972) 923-3643