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The Palo Verde Ranch


8 Points

Date:    11/22/02    Weight:   185 lbs.
Gross B&C:    143 6/8   


11 Points

Date:     11/23/02   Weight:    153 lbs.
Gross B&C:    156 2/8    

The Palo Verde Ranch is located in McMullen County in the hunting paradise of south Texas. It encompasses a total of 6000 acres- of which 3600 is under a game proof fence and the other 2400 is open range. 


*Trophy Whitetail Packages*
available include:

4 fully guided days complete with meals and accommodations. Success rate is 100% with B&C scores of 150 or more. Housing is a single bedroom (mobile home) with central air/heat, bathroom with shower and dish television. A walk-in cooler is available for storage needs learn. Everything is provided for the hunter except alcohol and personal belongings. Hunting method will be either excellent blinds near feeders, driving safari-style or walking/rattling.
On this package, hunters are also allowed to harvest hogs, javelina, coyotes, bobcats and 1 doe. 

This hunting package pricing is $5500.

*Management Whitetail Packages*
available include:

3 fully guided days complete with meals and accommodations. Success rate is 100%. B&C scores can reach up to 150 and have up to 11 points. This hunt allows the hunter to harvest a 6 1/2 year old or older buck. Meals and accommodations are the same as the Trophy Package listed above. Hunting method is also the same as the Trophy Package listed above.

This hunting package pricing is $3500.

*Hog Hunting Packages*
available include:

Hog hunts are allowed outside of deer season. These hunts allow the hunter to harvest 1 hog and 1 javelina per day. 

This hunting package pricing is $200 per day with a 2-day minimum and a 4-hunter minimum.

10 points

Date:  12/7/02           Weight: 156 lbs.
Gross B&C:   152 4/8

11 points

Date: 12/14/02         Weight: 157 lbs.
Gross B&C:  156 2/8

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