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                               Bass-N-More Bass Club


Congratulations to Cliff Hinds & Don Dean
Our 2003 Club "Team Anglers of the Year"


For Membership Form - Click Here

Mailing address:   Make check out to Bass n More Bass Club

D.A.C .
P.O. Box 306
Red Oak, TX 75154  

You can also find something new for new types of fishing right here.

Your 2004 elected officers of the Bass-N-More Club are:

President: Dan Christensen

Tournament Director: Tony Johnson

Weight Master: Brian Wilhoite

Treasurer: Dan Christensen

Secretary: Steve Schmidt


The scheduled meetings are:

February 03, 2004
March 02, 2004
March 30, 2004
April 27, 2004
June 15, 2004
July 6, 2004

All meetings begin at 6:30PM. The location for each meeting will be Cancun's Mexican Restaurant. The address is 1585 N. Highway 77  Waxahachie, TX 75165. 

For club rules- click here


The 2004 tournament schedule is:

Date   Location
February 8, 2004 Cedar Creek Lake 
Log Cabin                       Results
March 7, 2004 Lake Tawakoni 
Tawakoni State Park       Results
April 4, 2004 Richland Chambers 
Oak Cove Marina             Results
May 1, 2004 Cedar Creek Lake
Log Cabin                        Results
June 20, 2004 Lake Tawakoni
Tawakoni State Park
July 11, 2004 Richland Chambers
Oak Cove Marina (903) 872-0888
  "Team Anglers of the Year" 
Championship TBD


The 2003 tournament schedule and results:

Date Location
February 23, 2003 Lake Palestine
March 02, 2003 Cedar Creek Lake
Log Cabin
March 30, 2003 Richland Chambers
Clear View 
May 25, 2003 Lake Tawakoni 
Anchor Inn
June 29, 2003 Cedar Creek Lake 
Log Cabin
  "Team Anglers of the Year" 
September 13-14, 2003
Richland Chambers Lake
Oak Cove Marina Results