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Bass -N- More Outdoor Bass Club Rules

2004 Official Rules 


1.        Rule Changes: The following rules shall remain unchanged throughout the events but the tournament director shall have the rights to make changes for safety considerations. All decisions of the tournament director are final in all matters.

2.        Participation & Eligibility: Anyone who is a member and is in good standing with the club and is 16 or older and has paid entry fee may participate. Only   club members are aloud in the boat during the tournament hours.

3.        Alcoholic Beverages & Drugs: No alcoholic beverages or drugs (unless prescribed) are allowed in the boat or consumed during the tournament.

4.        Sportsmanship:  Any contestant who displays poor sportsmanship, violates these rules, or any federal, state, or local laws or brings unfavorable publicity to the sport of bass fishing will be disqualified and forfeit all enter fee and/ or prize monies.

5.        Boats & Motors:  All boats and equipment must meet all U.S Coast Guard and State regulations. No motor shall exceed the BIA rating for that boat. All boats must have working kill switch, an adequate live well. All boats will be inspected by a tournament official prior to the start of the tournament.

6.        Safety:   U.S Coast Guard approved chest type life preserve must be worn at all times and fully fastened when the big motor is on. The kill switch is attached to the operator of the boat. (ONLY WHEN BOAT IS ON PLANE)

7.        Tackle & Equipment:  All fish must be caught on artificial lures in a legal and sporting manner. No trolling with the big motor or intentional snagging of fish is permitted. No live or prepared bait is permitted with the exception of pork trailers. Liquid fish attractants are allowed. Only one rod may be used at one time. Every cast and retrieve must be completed before another cast is made. There are no limits on the number of rods allowed but must mot be no longer than 8 ft long. The use of electronic tracking is not permitted any time.

8.        Protest:  All protest must be submitted in writing within 15 min of the final weigh-in to the tournament director.

9.        Polygraph: All contestants (winner or non-winner) are subject to a polygraph test at the time of the request of the tournament director. Failure to submit to a polygraph test or fail the test will immediate disqualification and forfeit entry fees or claims to any prizes.

10.     Officials:  All contestants are required to cooperate with the request from all tournament officials at all times on and off the water.

11.     Permitted Fishing Waters: No fishing allowed within 25 yards of the host marina and any area that has been designated off limits by the Tournament director. All fishing must be done from a previously inspected boat. No trailering of tournament boats during tournament hours is allowed. No fishing within 25 yards of an anchored or tied tournament boat without the permission from the boat.

12.     Scoring:  Will be based on the points: Example 300 1st 299 2nd 298 3rd and so on through the placements. Anyone with no weight will be given 25 points less than the last weighted place. Each contestant may weigh in 5 fish limit with the minimum length of 14 inches unless the lake minimum is greater. A dead fish penalty of .25 per fish will be ducted from the total weight of that contestant. Any contestant bringing a fish to weigh-in that is a short of legal limit will lose the weight of their big fish. Any contestant returning to check point late will be penalized at a rate of 1 pound per 1 min. After 15 minutes will be disquiflied. Culling of fish is each contestantís responsibility and no more that maximum of 5 fish per contestant is allowed in the live well. Only largemouth, spotted, small mouth and red eye bass will be weighed in. In case of a tie the following tiebreakers will be used.

a.        The Individual with the most fished weighed in.

b.        Individual with the largest single fish weighed in.

c.        If a tie still remains a flip of a coin will determine the winner.

d.        Big Bass will be penalized .25 pounds for big bass if weighed in dead due to this being a separate prize.

13.     Championship: Angler of the year will be deciding by total points. Each contestant must fish at least 4 of the 6 tournaments to qualify for Championship. In the event of a tie the angler with the highest place finishes during the year will be named the angler of the year.

14.     Club Championship:  Five dollars from each entry will go towards and be given to the Angler of the year. (Team)

15.     Practice:  Fishing will be allowed on the Friday before the tournament. The tournament lake is off limits Monday thru Thursday week of the tournament. Dates of practices are listed on the front. On practice dayís contestants must be off the water 6pm.

16.     Registration: Contestants may register by mail or at the club meeting or the day before at the host marina. . Register at the ramp morning of the tournament will be cut off 30 min prior safe light. 

17.     Entry Fee:  $ 50.00 Dollars per team and $ 10.00 per team for Big Bass. Pay back will be 80% payback.

18.     Membership:  Annual membership for club is $ 25.00. Must be a member to fish in tournaments. All meetings for clubs will be held on Tuesday Nights week of Tournament.

19.     All club meetings are held at Cancunís Mexican Restaurant on  N. Hwy 77 Waxahachie TX 75165 at 6:30 pm .