Membership Form for Bass n More Bass Club   

Membership 2004 # ____________________________  

Name or Team: _________________________________   

Address: _______________________________________________________________________    

Email: __________________________________________________________________________

                 Tournament Lakes and Date:  
1.        Feb 8th Cedar Creek   Log Cabin  
2.        Mar 7th Tawakoni State Park
3.        April 4th Richland Chambers    Oak Cove Marina 903-872-0888  
4.        May 1st Cedar Creek   Log Cabin  
5.        Jun 20th Tawakoni State Park  
6.        July 11th Richland Chambers   Oak Cove Marina 903-872-0888


If you have any questions please call one of the officers of the Club:  Need to add info once club votes.

  Membership Fee: $25.00 per member  

  Date ___________________  Signature____________________________________

2004 Officers for the club are as follows:  
Pres/ Treasury: Dan Christensen   972-741-2272  
Sec: Steve Schmidt  817-929-0675  
Weigh Master Brian Wilhoite  972-617-6899  
Tournament Dir: Tony Johnson 972-923-3643

Mailing address:  Make check out to Bass n More Bass Club

P.O. Box 306
Red Oak, TX 75154